Hire a Personal Injury Law Firm in Naples, FL After an Accident

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Personal Injury Lawyer

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During the initial meeting with a personal injury attorney, the victim will tell the lawyer about the incident. Initial interview length may vary based on the circumstances of the case; in straightforward cases like auto accidents, meetings don’t take long if the client is prepared. However, in complex cases such as product defect and medical malpractice claims, interviews take longer.

How the Consultation Process Works

As the victim tells the lawyer about the incident, the lawyer will ask questions. While some of these questions may be hard to answer, the victim’s responses can help the attorney find the best solution. A personal injury law firm in Naples, FL will assemble medical treatment facts, as well as information from other involved parties. They will also discuss legal fees and representation agreements.

What the Victim Can Expect During a Consultation

Below is a brief overview of what a victim may expect during an initial consultation with a personal injury attorney.

  • The attorney may ask for a signed medical release so they can obtain accident-related medical records and they may ask about the victim’s insurance coverage.
  • They will ask if the victim has talked to an insurance adjuster and whether the victim has provided a written or recorded statement concerning the accident.
  • The attorney may advise the victim to see their doctor if they’re suffering from lingering issues. Delaying medical treatment can encourage defendants to argue that the victim’s injuries aren’t as serious as they claim.

After the Meeting

After the initial meeting, the attorney may decide to consider the case further. This is quite common in personal injury cases and the victim should not be too concerned. Alternatively, the attorney may decline to take the case for a variety of reasons or they may refer the victim to another attorney.

Accident cases are sometimes complex, involving the gathering of evidence and the knowledge of the negligence-based law. Because of this complexity, it is important for victims to find a lawyer who focuses on accident cases. To learn about a potential claim at no cost, contact a personal injury law firm in Naples, FL.