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How Does an Accident Attorney in Annapolis Help Settle Claims?

When accidents occur, they can be caused by driver negligence or distraction. Although accidents can sometimes be unavoidable, many are caused simply because the driver lacked the skill or was not heeding the rules of the road. If a person becomes the victim of a reckless, careless, or negligent driver, the injured party has the right to pursue the other driver for the injuries they suffered. Because the process of working with the insurance company can be stressful, many drivers hire an Accident Attorney in Annapolis.

An Accident Attorney in Annapolis will take the following steps to help victims recover their losses.

• The first step the attorney will take is reviewing their client’s own insurance policy to determine the medical payment coverage amount they have. It is advisable an injured victim has their own insurance pay for medical bills out of this coverage, so they do not have to ask the providers to wait a long period of a settlement.

• The attorney will then begin gathering evidence so they can properly pursue the insurance company of the at-fault driver. They will work to obtain reports, eyewitness statements, and photographs so they can pursue the settlement. Being armed with this information will allow the attorney to have the ability to work with the insurance company and have leverage for settlement.

• The Accident Attorney in Annapolis will solicit a settlement offer from the insurance company and then carefully review it to determine if it is a fair offer. They will then advise their client on accepting or denying. If the offer is denied, further attempts at negotiation will continue.

• While most auto accident claims are handled successfully outside of court, it is sometimes necessary to go to trial before a victim can receive a fair outcome. The attorney will work to prepare for the trial and go through all of the steps that are needed in the sometimes long process of bringing a case to court and reaching a final outcome.

If you have been injured in an auto accident that was caused by another driver, you need to be aware of your rights to hire an attorney to handle the case. Contact the Jaklitsch Law Group right away to schedule your appointment.