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Immediately Contact a Brain Injury Lawyer in Nassa County, NY, when this Type of Injury Occurs

Many people suffer some type of injury to their head throughout their life, even if it’s minor. Traffic accidents, falls, industrial accidents and recreational accidents can all result in injuries to the brain. If these injures are due to negligence on someone else’s part, it’s important to contact a brain injury lawyer in Nassau County, NY. A head injury can result in a traumatic brain injury, including a concussion. Head injuries do not need to be an actual fracture of the skull to affect the brain. A closed-head injury is sometimes even more serious due to the pressure that builds up inside the head, from swelling in the brain.

A brain injury lawyer in Nassau County, NY, can represent individuals or families who have suffered a loss due to a brain injury. Obtaining the right diagnosis and treatment is imperative in order to proceed with a case. Any changes in someone’s mood or behavior after any type of accident has occurred should be documented. It should also be discussed with a physician, so proper tests are administered to determine the extent of the damage. Penetrating head injuries or closed-head injuries are both very serious and can result in the victim needing lifetime care.

Brain injuries can result in a hearing or vision loss, cognitive deficits, seizures, coma, paralysis and personality changes. Some injuries will not show serious symptoms immediately after an accident, but rather, slowly develop symptoms over time. Medical treatment should be received immediately if any of the following signs occur:

• Confusion

• Seizures

• Stiff neck

• Fluid coming out of the mouth, ears, or nose

• Severe headache

• Loss of consciousness

• Or any other symptom out of the ordinary.

X-rays, CT scans, and MRI’s are necessary to determine how extensive the brain injury is. Brain injuries must be detected and treated quickly to limit even more severe damage to the brain. The Law Office of Steven R. Smith has represented victims who have suffered brain injuries due to the negligence of another individual or company. For more information on the legal information you need, please visit online.