Issues That Can Be Handled by an Attorney Who Practices Family Law in Winnebago County, IL

by | Dec 28, 2016 | Family Lawyer

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Divorce rates are going down, and more people are staying in marriages until “death do us part.” This is good news for the social structure of the nation. Some of this has to do with couples visiting attorneys who focus on family law. The attorneys are able to mediate between the couple and help them resolve whatever was leading to the divorce. Of course, sometimes, the problems are just too big, but the couple use legal representation anyway to get through the marital conflict. There is an attorney who practices family law in Winnebago County, IL. These are some of the issues and problems they can handle.

If a couple has gone past the stage of reconciliation, there are measures that can be taken. In meeting with a lawyer who practices family law, the couple can opt for divorce mediation. Mediation is good because it will cost less. Issues that can be resolved in this process include spousal maintenance, division of the marital estate including debts and assets, and child custody rights.

If both parties are willing, they can also opt for the collaborative divorce, also known as the uncontested divorce. This is also cheaper than the emotionally charged divorces where the parties are intensely bent on destroying the other. Other issues that fall under family law include post-divorce modifications, paternity suits, adoptions, legal separation, pre-nuptial agreements, post nuptial agreements, guardianship, and even advice for newlywed couples. Regardless to what is decided, it is better if the matter is handled through legal manners.

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