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Metro Accidents in Annapolis Can Happen at Any Time

The metro makes travel easy for many individuals in the Washington, D.C. area. However, accidents have been reported and individuals injured in one of these accidents need help in ensuring they are fairly compensated for their injuries. Some incidents are minor, yet others involved hundreds of people and fatalities. Regardless of which type of accident it is, contact an attorney that handles these cases for assistance in building a case against the responsible parties. Metro Accidents in Annapolis or anywhere in the system should never be dismissed or taken lightly, and the attorney ensures they aren’t.


Metro Accidents in Annapolis or anywhere on the line may occur as a result of many things. The parties responsible for the metro have been cited before for safety reasons. Collisions and derailments have occurred, but the situation is more serious than this. Individuals have been injured in the metro stations, elevators, and more. Operators of the trains make mistakes, fall asleep while driving, or simply don’t pay attention. Equipment may malfunction, stations aren’t properly maintained, and elevators break down. These are only a few of the many causes of accidents for employees, riders, and others present in a metro facility.


Individuals who are injured while using the metro deserve compensation for their injuries. What many fail to realize is they may be compensated for more than their medical bills and their pain and suffering. Lost wages, any counseling that is needed as a result of the incident, household help that must be hired, and more should all be covered by the parties deemed responsible. The attorney works with the client to calculate all expenses to ensure the victim is not made to pay for anything that is directly tied to his or her injuries.

Anyone injured while making use of the metro should seek medical care immediately. Once the injuries have been assessed and treatment begins, contact Jaklitsch Law Group. The attorneys regularly work with clients who have been injured in an accident of this type and can be of great help as the claim moves forward. No person should have to navigate the legal system alone or fight with insurance companies. The team at the firm ensures no client has to.

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