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Never Go to Court without a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Mayville, WI

For most people, driving is second nature. Many don’t even have to pay much attention when they drive familiar routes. This comfort behind the wheel could be a disadvantage when a person has a couple of drinks. Although they might feel like they have enough control over themselves to drive home, just a little alcohol may be enough to slow down their reflexes enough to cause them to miss a stop sign or red light.

Drunk Driving Laws

Every state has laws against drunk driving, and it’s important to know what the consequences might be before getting into a car intoxicated. In many cases, a single drunk driving offense could result in time behind bars as well as substantial fines. For those who have already been charged and must face a judge, it’s important to consult a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Mayville WI as soon as possible.

How an Attorney Could Help

The average person isn’t familiar enough with the law to represent themselves in court. There’s just too much at stake when it comes to drunk driving charges to take a chance on going to court without an attorney. Judges typically give defendants additional time to secure an attorney if they need it. With a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Mayville WI by their side when they enter a plea of not guilty, a defendant can be sure they’ll be able to preserve their rights throughout the process.

What Happens in Court

If a defendant enters a plea of not guilty, they can have a trial. At that trial, they have the right to ask questions of the arresting officers. Ideally, an experienced attorney will be the one asking the questions. Law enforcement officers must prove they had probable cause to stop the defendant’s car, and the prosecutor must prove the defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in order for a person to be convicted.

Going to court without an attorney gives the state an advantage. A judge is not going to feel sorry for a person accused of drunk driving because they didn’t hire a lawyer from QBS Law S.C. The penalties associated with a conviction could cause financial distress for many years and include increased insurance rates, driver’s license suspension, and fines. You can also visit them on Google My Business.