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Personal Injury Lawyers in Sarasota FL Help Victims of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a major cause of accidents today. The state of Florida doesn’t have any texting while driving laws but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a problem. Studies show that a driver’s reaction time while they are texting is longer than that of someone who has been drinking, making using a mobile device while operating a moving vehicle very dangerous. Innocent drivers, passengers and pedestrians who are victims of careless distracted drivers often suffer serious injuries.


Since mobile phones became popular and affordable, thousands of people have been dying every year due to drivers focusing on their phone and not the road. Although they may believe they are able to multitask, it is impossible to give full attention to two competing things. By the time they notice there is a pedestrian or another car in their path, it is often too late to stop. Teens are often guilty of texting or using their phone for something else while driving but adults do it as well.


People who cause distracted driving accidents could be financially liable for their mistake. Car insurance covers a portion of the costs of medical care and lost wages but a distracted driver could be liable for much more if the victim retains the services of Personal Injury Lawyers in Sarasota FL. There are exemptions to the no fault law. Drivers could be sued if the victim’s medical expenses exceed $10,000, they are permanently injured or they die. Because distracted driving accidents tend to be serious, texting and driving could be quite costly.

Anyone who is a victim of a serious distracted driving accident should seek medical attention right away. The next step is to contact the insurance company and Personal Injury Lawyers in Sarasota FL. There are plenty of personal injury attorneys out there but it’s important to choose one with a proven track record. The most experienced attorneys have helped clients in a wide range of situations and are more likely to know how to answer complicated questions. Accident victims or their loved ones can Click Here to learn more about the process and determine if a lawsuit is founded in their case.