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Portland Defense Can Handle Your Case

When you have a federal case looming before you, you want to have the best legal representation in the business. Years of your life could be in the balance, whether you decide to fight the case or whether you choose to make a deal. Finding the right law firm can be difficult with so many names out there, and with so many different specialties. That is why if you are a criminal defendant in a federal case, that specialty firm is the law office of Andrew M. Kohlmetz, LLC.

If you need a federal criminal law attorney Hillsboro, OR, you need to contact us today. We have a free consultation policy that can lay out the basics of what you are facing. Andrew Kohlmetz has been defending federal cases since 2003, and his team is there to be your advocate. When you are facing the weight of the entire government, you need someone with both the experience and the resources to fight back on your behalf.

Our law office handles all federal criminal charges, no matter the severity. We have handled cases involving murder, conspiracy, wire fraud, major theft, and drug crimes. We can also deal with any associated or separate state charges. Our team has plenty of experts to cover the full range of criminal indictments.

So contact us today for a free consultation by a professional criminal law attorney in Hillsboro, OR. We want to make sure you get the best representation available because that is what you deserve.