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Protecting Your Investment with a Product Liability Lawyer in Waxahachie, TX

Legal concerns remain one of the most important considerations for any company. Years of hard work could potentially be lost in an instant if a liability lawsuit arises. Insurance provides a lot of protection against these claims, but it is possible for the claim to exceed the coverage or the insurer to refuse to cover a claim. A product liability lawyer in Waxahachie, TX represents clients that experience this type of event.

Who needs product liability protection?

Anyone that designs, manufactures or sells any type of product should have liability insurance to cover the legal, medical or other expenses that may arise in this type of lawsuit. This is also true for people that create or supply single components that are used in other products.

Why would claims not be covered?

There are many exceptions included in all insurance policies, and this is true of product liability insurance too. For example, material previously deemed unsafe may have been inadvertently used in the product and violate the policy. Many insurers will refuse to cover a product that simply failed to perform as expected. Claims relating to a new product that was not reported to the insurer before being introduced to the market may also be denied.

How can a lawyer help in a product liability lawsuit?

The first defense would be to determine if the plaintiff was actually injured. If so, it must be determined that the product caused the injury. A product liability lawyer in Waxahachie, TX will also determine if the problem was caused by the misuse of the product or if it was altered by the plaintiff in some way that made it unsafe. Proving that product warnings on the label were not heeded is another option. The injury date may also have exceeded the statute of limitations and eliminate any legal recourse for the consumer.

Product liability lawsuits have the potential to bankrupt small and mid-sized businesses. They are one of the biggest risks businesses face today. Visit the website for more information about how to protect a company when a lawsuit is filed. Contact Mallios & Associates PC for a free consultation to discuss any case.