Pulling on Fairness and Emotions with complicated Wills And Probate Administration in Mesa AZ

by | Dec 15, 2015 | Lawyers

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Probate is the sometimes complicated and sometimes combated area of law that handles assets when an individual passes away. It can be settled in a matter of days for a person with few assets that remain mostly liquid. But, it could also be a decade-long battle that results in broken relationships and intense fighting. What makes the probate process more complicated than it would be otherwise? Below are three elements to probate that are absent in many other areas of the court.

The Emotional Grief

Wills And Probate Administration in Mesa AZ is burdened by a very necessary aspect of the process- the grieving. There is no denying that grief plays a major part of probate, even if it shouldn’t. Individuals who are in the grieving process will work through that intensity in ways they can understand. By combating the details, they can take some control for something that they could not control at all. The grieving process is an overwhelming burden in probate because people experience it in different ways and in different lengths. That is a constant overhanging factor in probate.

The Balance of Fairness

Fairness is not possible- or at least not in reality. It is theoretically possible to evenly split all assets down the line. But, somewhere in the process, one person will be shorted. Even if all is fair, someone will feel shorted. Doesn’t everyone have their own version of the truth? For example, three daughters obtain the sale price of a home evenly (a third a person). But, one daughter cared for the mother in her own home for the last ten years, and would that not justify a higher percentage? Even in cases a uniform fairness, there is a matter of ambiguity. It is what weighs down probate and causes alarm for many people. Visit website to know more.

Wills And Probate Administration in Mesa AZ can navigate these rough waters by looking at the psychology and the reality of the situation. The law firm of Janet R. Feeley L.L.C. can equate combating parties with logic and what the will dictates. Click Here for more on probate administration and management.