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Reviewing The Steps For Divorce Under Family Law In Bel Air, MD

In Maryland, divorce petitioners must choose an appropriate divorce ground for their case. If no party is at fault, the petitioner may choose mutual consent. This indicates that both parties agree to the divorce, they could achieve a no-fault divorce based on these grounds. An attorney helps these individuals based on Family Law in Bel Air MD.

Identifying Divorce Grounds

Fault-based grounds begin with adultery. This ground indicates that the defendant had an extra-marital relationship. The petitioner can prove this claim through one of two options. They can acquire a sworn statement from the defendant. If they can’t acquire the statement, they must provide proof of the relationship. An attorney could help them connect to a private investigator to help them acquire the proof they need.

Requirements for Abandonment

The ground of abandonment indicates that the petitioner doesn’t know where their spouse is. They may need additional steps to achieve a divorce. They must place an ad in the newspaper to inform their spouse of the divorce proceedings. If their spouse fails to respond, the petitioner acquires a default judgment based on a lack of response.

Domestic Violence and Abuse

Domestic violence or abuse may require criminal charges for the defendant. The petitioner can acquire assistance through the court to get protection. The court could help them acquire a protection order. This order prevents contact between the victim and their attacker. Any violation of the order could present them with additional criminal charges.

Requirements for Military Couples

Military personnel are protected under family laws. The petitioner cannot file a divorce motion if their military spouse is deployed. They must wait until their spouse has returned for at least one month. The court may help the petitioner acquire financial support from their spouse during the divorce process.

In Maryland, divorce petitioners must file a motion based on fault or no-fault grounds. The divorce motion must identify the grounds for the divorce. The petitioner must serve the defendant with the divorce summons as outlined under family-based laws. Petitioners who need help under Family Law in Bel Air MD should contact an attorney or Visit Website for more information.