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by | Nov 17, 2021 | Lawyers

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Were you working when you were injured? Perhaps, you were sorting inventory when a shelf clasped and fell on you. When the storage shelves cannot hold the load, and they fall, it can cause serious injuries. As a result, you may be looking for Workplace Injury Attorneys in Columbus Ohio. It is good that you are seeking legal help. Insurance companies are for profit. This means that they are working hard for their own benefit. As a result, they are not eager to shell out money.

Your boss may feel that your injury is your own fault. However, that is only his view. He does not want to get into trouble for having sub-standard storage available and having it overloaded with product. You may have been loading the shelves with heavy metal objects or chemicals. Either way, the end result is that you are hurt and need help. You do not need to listen to what your boss thinks. Instead, it is wise to look into Workplace Injury Attorneys.

The consultation is kept confidential. The attorney may ask you some questions about your injuries and how long you have been off work. Do not hold anything back. Tell him if you will need rehabilitation and if your injuries will cause you to look for a new line of employment. Your attorney will tell you what the law has to say about aspects of your case. Because no two cases are exactly alike, you will need to discuss everything.

The bill collectors may be calling as you sit in a hospital room, and you may be wondering what your life will be like in the future. The good news is that there is help available, and it is only a phone call away. So, stop stressing. You are not alone. Talk to an attorney from Donahey Law Firm It is time to stop listening to your boss and dealing with insurance company. If an attorney agrees to take your case, he will handle all of the paperwork, and he will work hard for your best outcome. Make an appointment for a consultant now. You will be glad you did.