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Should Beneficiaries Hire a Trust Administration Attorney in Redlands, CA?

Setting up trusts offers an alternative to last wills and testaments that can be more practical in some circumstances. Those named as beneficiaries in trusts often have many questions, though, and it’s important that they understand that there are differences between trust administration and other forms of estate division. Read on to find out what to expect during this process for help determining whether it’s necessary to hire a Trust Administration Attorney in Redlands CA.

A Copy of the Trust and Amendments

Beneficiaries are entitled to copies of the relevant documents, including the trust agreement and any amendments. If the terms of this trust are confusing or the trustee is not forthcoming about what they mean, it may be worth hiring an attorney to clarify the terms and explain all the beneficiaries’ rights.

The Role of the Trustee

The trustee is tasked with ensuring that the terms of the trust agreement are being followed. They should remain impartial, even if they have ongoing relationships with some or all beneficiaries. If the trustee does not seem likely to fulfill his or her duty appropriately, beneficiaries can hire attorneys to ensure that they are protecting their interests.

Contesting Trusts

There are some circumstances under which beneficiaries may contest the terms of a trust. If, for example, the terms of the agreement don’t seem to reflect the wishes of the person who created it, that could be cause for concern. When this is the case, beneficiaries need to find a Trust Administration Attorney in Redlands CA who can help.

Signing Documents

Beneficiaries will have to sign for any money or assets that they receive. They should never sign documents unless they fully understand what they are signing. Ask the trustee to explain terms or find an attorney who can offer legal advice if any of the language used in the documents is unclear.

Get Help Now

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