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Should You Hire a Divorce Lawyer in Newnan, GA?

The outcome of a divorce can affect an individual’s life forever. Settling a divorce and dividing assets, debt, and determining if one spouse will receive alimony can cause financial hardship. A divorce lawyer in Newnan, GA can help an individual obtain the best settlement possible from a divorce and protect their rights during the process.

Should a Couple Use the Same Attorney for a Divorce?

Very often, one of the partners in a marriage will suggest the couple should use the same attorney to save money in obtaining a divorce. This type of situation is never recommended because the final decree might be favoring one of the parties. Even if a couple agrees to a property settlement, each party should have the decree reviewed by an experienced divorce lawyer in Newnan, GA before signing.

Working with an Experienced and Creative Attorney

An attorney who focuses on family law can help an individual throughout a divorce and all of the other aspects that can surround it. Child custody, support, visitation, and other matters are often connected to a couple obtaining a divorce. A family law attorney can offer the legal advice an individual needs and will take a creative approach to achieving a party’s goal.

Child Support

Another area of a divorce that can cause tension is child support. Proper calculation of support from both parents is necessary. Although there are guidelines based on the income of the parties, payment of medical coverage, education expenses, and other items should be considered in the child support calculation.


When visitation needs to be established for the minor children of a marriage, the court is only interested in the best interest of the child. They will take into consideration any abuse that happened to the child or parent, or if there has been criminal activity or addiction to drugs or alcohol.

When you find yourself facing a divorce, the first call should be to an experienced family law attorney. Although family or friends are willing to offer their experience of a divorce, the laws change frequently, and only an experienced family law attorney can answer the questions you might have. For more information, please visit