Six Reasons to Consult a Personal Injury Attorney in Stuart, FL

by | Jun 24, 2019 | Lawyers

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Being injured as a result of the negligence of another party is stressful and confusing. After being rushed to the hospital or a doctor, everyone starts to ask questions. Discover six reasons to consult a Personal Injury Attorney in Stuart FL before making statements to anyone.

A Victim Has Rights

Besides supplying your identity and insurance information, a victim has rights before sharing any details about the circumstances of the accident. A statement made under duress can be inaccurate but could be used against the victim later. Talk to a Personal Injury Attorney in Stuart FL to regain clarify before responding to questions.

Get Advice

The moments after an accident or incident are focused on getting medical attention. Once the victim feels better, it’s time to seek legal advice to be confident about what happens next. A lawyer guides plaintiffs through the processes.

Establish a Case

If the attorney decides the victim has a case, it must be filed accurately and promptly. Let a legal professional determine how to file the claim and present the evidence. The legal team gathers witness statements, medical reports, photos, and more to prove a victim’s injuries.

Let the Attorney Talk

Once a victim hires an attorney, all correspondence and injuries can be directed to that office. The victim can relax and recover, knowing everything is in good hands.

Get Fair Compensation

Before the case settles, there are other possible expenses the victim might need to have covered. An attorney ensures the medical bills and related costs are paid. And, if there are additional costs, such as lost wages and a rental car, the attorney tries to get further compensation.

Negotiate the Best Settlement

An attorney knows the value of each case and will not settle for less. Insurance companies offer victims a fraction of what the injuries are worth. Hiring an attorney means getting the best possible settlement under the circumstances.

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