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Starting A Medical Malpractice Case With A Personal Injury Attorney In Stuart, FL

In Florida, a medical malpractice occurs when doctors fail their patients. Federal laws protect the rights of patients to high-quality healthcare. The laws also prevent doctors from providing a standard of care that is based on personal beliefs, prejudices, or any discriminatory practices. A Personal Injury Attorney in Stuart FL provides legal assistance for patients who suffered at the hands of their doctors.

Exploring the Medical Injury

The first step of a medical malpractice is to identify the exact injury and pinpoint how it occurred. A medical injury could result from any surgical procedure or treatment option. If the resulting injury wasn’t included in the potential risks, the doctor is liable for causing the injury or worsened condition.

Finding a Medical Witness

A medical witness is a doctor that has the same knowledge and skill set as the defendant. The witness must assess the patient’s records and determine where the defendant made their mistake. The doctor must also establish what steps the defendant should have taken when treating the patient according to the latest and most effective treatment options. If testing was involved, the witness explores whether or not the defendant selected the most accurate tests that could have identified a life-threatening condition at an earlier stage.

Gathering Necessary Evidence

The most common evidence used in a medical malpractice case includes the patient’s records and their medical chart. The findings identify errors made by the defendant and the hospital staff. The patient needs credible evidence to move forward with any legal action.

What Expectations Should Patients Have?

The hospital board often makes attempts to settle out of court through mediation. If possible, the patient could receive a settlement without attending a trial. However, if the hospital board doesn’t hold the doctor accountable or make any offers, a trial is necessary to collect compensation.

In Florida, a medical malpractice is the direct result of inferior healthcare practices. It indicates that the doctor performing a surgery or providing medical treatment either lacked adequate knowledge or simply failed to provide the highest standard of care. Patients who were injured due to a doctor’s negligence contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Stuart FL at Slinkman Slinkman & Wynne P.A. today to schedule an appointment now.