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Talk to a Criminal Law Attorney in Naples About Federal Conspiracy Charges

Committing a federal crime can lead to a significant amount of time in jail along with other penalties. However, a person doesn’t have to commit a federal crime to be tried in federal courts. They can be charged with the conspiracy to commit a federal crime if they work with someone else to plan a crime. If the person is arrested, they’ll need help from a Criminal Law Attorney in Naples immediately.

Federal Conspiracy Charges

A federal conspiracy is a plan between two or more people to commit a federal crime. This could include crimes like drug trafficking or fraud. To prove the case and to convict the arrested person, the federal prosecutor needs to show the arrested person was involved in a plan to commit a crime and they or someone else involved in the plan took a substantial step toward committing the crime. They do not have to prove the person committed the crime, only that they planned to.

Handling the Arrest

Anyone arrested and charged with a federal crime like conspiracy needs to be careful with how they handle the entire arrest and trial. They will need to make sure they seek legal assistance as they are facing serious consequences if they’re convicted. An arrested person will not want to answer any questions without the assistance of their attorney to ensure they do not say anything that could be used against them.

During the arrest, the person should comply with any lawful orders but should respectfully say they do not wish to say anything without their lawyer present. They should not try to fight the arrest or become combative as this could add to the charges they’re facing. As soon as they are able, and before they talk to anyone, they should contact their lawyer for advice. There is a lot more a lawyer can do to help them, in most cases, if they don’t say anything that could be used against them.

If you’ve been arrested for a federal conspiracy charge, you need a Criminal Law Attorney in Naples now. You cannot afford to wait to hire a lawyer, and you cannot afford to try to handle this one your own. A lawyer from the Law Office Of James W. Chandler P.A. can help.