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Types Of Child Custody Options In Chicago

If you live in Chicago, IL, you have several child custody options. If you are in the middle of a divorce or separation, you need to be able to identify the possible approaches to your current situation. By talking to a lawyer, you can clarify what would be most appropriate and what type of custody will work for you and your former partner.

Custody Laws in Illinois

The Uniform Child Custody Act (UCCA) attempts to reduce any sort of conflict regarding interstate child custody cases. Under Illinois law, two basic categories of child custody exist. These are:

  1. Physical: The child lives with this particular parent or guardian
  2. Legal: A legal custodian decides such things as what religion the child is, what school he or she must attend and what health care and with whom is allowed.

However, other categories of child custody do exist. These are:

  1. Sole Custody: In this type of custody, a single parent has legal and/or physical custody
  2. Joint Custody: In this category, both parents have legal and/or physical custody. They share the various aspects of childcare and child rearing, depending upon what each parent brings legally to the table. The effort is a co-operative one. It demands that each parent embrace this role and put all superficialities aside, getting along for the maximum benefit of the child. Under this agreement, parents jointly agree on legal custody matters such as schooling, religion and health care. The only exception to this agreement is a medical emergency. This requires the consent of one parent only.

The UCCA also supports various other aspects relating to child custody including:

  • Parent custody
  • Guardian custody
  • Grandparents visitation rights

Hire a Chicago Child Custody Law Firm

Yet, no matter what type of custody you are awarded, remember, child custody refers to the responsibilities of the custodian according to the law. Talk to a lawyer for clarification.