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Understanding the History of Bail and the Process of Bail Bonds in Euless, TX

Bail bonds in Euless, TX allow defendants to be released from jail before trial when they can’t afford to pay the full cash amount to the court. The person who signs for the bond is known as the indemnitor. Often, this is not the defendant but, instead, a relative or close friend. The defendant may have difficulty doing business with a bonding agency while in jail, since the process involves filling out an application and at least make an initial payment on the service fee.

Indemnitor Responsibility

Indemnitors who arrange for bail bonds in Euless, TX must see that the defendant makes all court hearings as required. The customer of the bonding agency becomes liable for the cash bail amount if the court must issue another arrest warrant because the defendant has not complied.

Bail Hearings

Because the bond fee is a percentage of the bail, it may still be too high for friends or family to afford if bail is set high. The defendant can appear at a bail hearing and have a lawyer try to convince a judge to lower that amount. This may be possible if bail was set automatically through a schedule of common offenses.

Origins of the Bail System

When this bail system first originated in England hundreds of years ago, it did not involve paying money for freedom. Instead, a family member vouched for the defendant by guaranteeing to take that person’s place if they did not appear in court as scheduled. Eventually, the concept of paying money that would be refunded after trial came about. The money would be forfeited if the defendant did not appear as promised.

Returning to Normal Life

Being in jail is usually not as bad as being incarcerated in a state prison. Nevertheless, defendants who have not yet been convicted of the charges are anxious to get out so they can return to their normal life. They usually have important obligations to meet, such as working, paying bills, and caring for a family. These people can seek assistance from an agency such as Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds.