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Understanding Workers Compensation Law in Sunbury, PA

Workers Compensation Law in Sunbury PA and across the nation is intended to provide protection to workers who have been injured on their job sites. It is essentially a form of insurance paid for by the employer that ensures that workers will receive the medical care and compensation for lost wages that they need in order to move on with their lives and, when necessary, receive training in a new field. Read on to learn more about this important field of law below.

Understanding Fault

When a workers’ compensation case is filed, no one party has to be deemed at fault. Factors such as claimant carelessness and employee fault do not come into play when compensation packages are determined. However, those workers who actively choose to hurt themselves at work or whose injuries are the exclusive result of intoxication are not eligible to receive workers compensation.

Understanding Disputes

If either the employer or the insurance carrier responsible for paying out on workers compensation claims disputes the claim, the injured worker will not be paid his or her cash benefits until a judge is able to decide whether or not the injury or illness was, in fact, job-related. Often, though, workers are eligible to receive disability benefits during the trial. Payments made under this program will be subtracted from future compensation awards.

Returning to Work

If workers are unable to return to work in the same field, Workers Compensation Law in Sunbury PA ensures that they will continue to receive the same wages they did before their injuries. In fact, they may receive benefits that make up for as much as two-thirds of the difference in pay they must take when switching to a new field of employment. Workers who intend on returning to their previous fields but require time to heal can return to alternate duty until their injuries or illnesses are healed.

Ensuring a Positive Outcome

Unfortunately, many completely legitimate workers compensation claims are denied initially and must be appealed. This task is best undertaken with either a dedicated lawyer or extensive knowledge of relevant laws. Click here to get started learning more today in order to ensure a positive outcome and maximum compensation.