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What a Car Accident Lawyer in Harrisonburg Can Do for You

Many things can go wrong when we’re on the road. There are times when the driver is at fault, but sometimes, other people or things are to blame. In this day and age where people easily sue each other for damages, it’s essential for a driver to know how the law can protect them when they are involved in a car crash.

A car accident lawyer in Harrisonburg can protect you from claims that arise from a crash. There are many types of car crashes you can seek legal help for.

Head-On Collision

Many types of accidents can happen. The scariest of all is a head-on collision where someone smashes your car from the front. Most crash victims are left with psychiatric issues and often have financial debt themselves. In such a case, a lawyer can advise you of your options to sue the offending party.


Hit-and-run cases are the most daunting ones. You or your loved one could be in a situation where the offender caused you grave injuries, but fled the scene. Will the offender ever be found? How will you pay your medical bills? In these cases, a car accident lawyer in Harrisonburg can help you locate the missing person and sue for damages.

Crossover Accident

Such accidents happen in the blink of an eye while turning in a different lane. It could be you who made a mistake or the other person. Needless to say, it is not you who has to deal with insurance companies or compensation claims from the offender, as a lawyer can handle that headache for you.


Getting an experienced lawyer is the important thing to do in car accidents. Cravens & Noll PC are the best advisors in town, should you meet a fateful incident on the road.