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What Bondsmen in Huntsville AL Need to Know

The Bondsmen Huntsville, AL, can help anyone get a bond to cover the bail amount for a family member or friend. Before they work on the bond, the bondsman will need to make sure they have basic information that can help them determine if a bond is an option and help them pay the bail amount for the arrested person once the bond is secured. Some of the basic information they will need includes the following.

Who Was Arrested and Why

The bondsman will need the full name of the arrested person as well as the charges they’re facing. The charges can make a difference in what the bail amount will be as well as the likelihood of a bond being an option for the situation. They will also need this information to make sure they’re paying the bail for the correct person, just in case there are two people with similar names in jail. The charges can be found on the arrest report or the arrested person may know the exact charges they’re facing.

Where They’re Being Held

In most cases, the person obtaining a bond is doing so for someone within the same county, but this isn’t always true. The bondsman needs to know the current jail facility of the person who has been arrested as the full bail amount needs to be paid to the correct jail. Without this information, the bondsman cannot pay the bail and help the person be released.

What the Bail Amount Is

The bond is secured by a deposit of around 10% or collateral worth more than the full bail amount. To determine the deposit amount or the value of collateral needed, the bondsman will need to know what the bail amount is. If the arrested person hasn’t received bail yet, the person obtaining the bond will need to wait to secure the bond.

If you want to help a loved one who has been arrested, you can speak with a bondsman and secure a bond. Before you speak with one of the Bondsmen in Huntsville AL, make sure you have the information they need. Click Here to visit A Discount Bonding Co. Inc now and learn more about how they can help you secure a bond.