What Can Domestic Violence Lawyers in Murrieta, CA Do to Help Victims of Abuse?

by | Dec 21, 2016 | Lawyers

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Domestic violence is legally defined as acts of abuse toward family members or intimate partners. In previous decades, it was often known as spousal abuse. Contemporary courts, however, recognize a much wider spectrum of what should be considered domestic violence. Charges can be filed by spouses, current or former, relatives, children, or any intimate partner. This unfortunate and all-too-prevalent crime knows no discrimination; anyone of any gender, ethnic background, and orientation can become a victim, or an abuser. Thankfully, this crime is taken very seriously and no victim has to face their abuser alone.

domestic violence lawyers in Murrieta, CA provide their clients with legal advice about their options if they are being abused. They can help file restraining orders, mediate divorce proceedings, and determine custody if any children are involved. Restraining orders are designed to prevent the abuser from approaching his or her victims, either in-person, or through phones, emails, letters, or any other form of communication.

Restraining orders are a form of civil litigation, rather than criminal, so they will not place an abuser in jail. They can be helpful both in circumstances where the victim does not wish to file a criminal suit, and those where criminal charges are in the process of being filed. They can protect both victims and any children in the household, and do not affect an abuser’s obligation to pay child or spousal support when these provisions are already in place.

Domestic violence cases are often much more complicated situations than a simple restraining order can solve. Often they require criminal as well as civil resolution. At the very least, they will require major changes in the victim’s lifestyle. Most victims of domestic violence that are part of a married couple opt for divorce, which comes with its own set of hassles. Obtaining adequate child or spousal support and equitable property division, and ensuring the safety of any children are all high priorities for domestic violence lawyers in Murrieta, CA.

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