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What Should The Average Person Know About Criminal Law in Muhlenberg, PA?

The average person doesn’t expect to be arrested and charged with a crime. That’s probably why they don’t take time to learn some basics about Criminal Law in Muhlenberg PA. There are some basics everyone should know. Do they have to let police into their homes? Does a person have to talk to law enforcement officers after they are arrested? How long can a person be held without being charged?

When Can Police Enter A Home?

An attorney who practices criminal law in Muhlenberg PA knows exactly when law enforcement can enter a person’s home. Law enforcement officers must have probable cause to enter homes and search vehicles. Understand that police can ask to enter a residence or search a vehicle. Just because a law enforcement officer asks doesn’t mean a person has to allow them to enter a home or search a vehicle. A person can simply step outside to talk to the officer.

Being Held In Custody

A person can be arrested and not charged with a crime. An individual can be held up to 72 hours in most cases without being charged with a crime. A person might be charged at hour 71 after being arrested. When being held without being charged, the detainee can’t be given a bail. Contacting a lawyer is a detainee’s best bet. The lawyer might be able to get law enforcement to move things along. They might even get the person out of custody without any official charges being filed. Anyone who is trying to help someone in custody should visit us website.

Communicating With Law Enforcement

Anyone who has ever watched police shows has seen officers attempting to interrogate people they have in custody. When a person asks for a lawyer, the interrogation can end before it has a chance to start. People under arrest have the right not to talk to law enforcement officers. Uninformed individuals think that only guilty people exercise this right. The truth is that even innocent people will use it because words can be twisted around and a person might accidentally incriminate themselves.

There isn’t anything wrong with learning the basics of criminal law. Although such knowledge might never be needed, it’s nice to have if a bad situation comes up.