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When A Mother Or Father Should Contact A Family Law Firm In Naples

When issues relating to the mental and physical health of a family are in jeopardy, it may leave a parent feeling helpless and afraid. Fortunately, a family law firm in Naples is dedicated to helping those in need figure out their available options and will use the court system to ensure their rights are respected and that they are free from threats and harm. The following is a look at just three of the many issues that an attorney will help with, and how they will give a person peace of mind during a time of turmoil.

Domestic Violence

When a spouse regularly threatens the safety of another, it is not a situation that should be taken lightly. If a person is in a life or death situation, they should contact the police immediately to secure the safety of themselves and their children. Afterward, they should contact an attorney and discuss the various legal protections available, such as restraining orders and temporary custody removal to prevent additional problems.

Child Support

When a couple is separated, the court system may require the parent that makes the most amount of money to pay child support, which is designed to offset the expenses of raising a child and prevents economic struggles for the parent making less money. If the opposing person refuses to make child support payments, or if the amount paid requires reevaluation, it is best to let an attorney use the legal system to ensure the most favorable outcome possible.

Divorce and Separation Agreements

Most states require a couple to legally separate for a period of up to one year before a divorce is granted. Both it and the divorce proceedings are a time filled with emotional conversations and a litany of legal paperwork. A family law firm in Naples will help guide a person through the process and will fight to get them the money and support needed to maintain normalcy.

When problems arise within a marriage and a family, it is crucial to seek expert help as quickly as possible. The Law Office Of James W. Chandler P.A. is standing by and will help a person make sense of their current situation and the options available to them. Call to learn more or to schedule a free, no-obligation case evaluation.