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When the Cash Bail Amount Is Out of Reach, a Bail Bondsman in Oklahoma Can Help

A bail Bondsman in Oklahoma provides service when cash bail is set too high for the defendant to afford. If friends and family members cannot help, a bonding agent can post a surety bond for the person’s release in return for a service fee. Often, people charged with criminal offenses cannot afford even $5,000 in cash bail and do not have collateral to offer either.

Bonding Fees and Cash Bail

The fee for a bail Bondsman in Oklahoma is typically 10 percent of the cash bail amount. The state regulates how much the bonding agent can charge, which is helpful for people who are already distraught about a loved one being in jail and trying to find a way to help. They don’t want to be calling around every agencies in town comparing prices.

This fee is nonrefundable, which is an important fact for the customer to keep in mind. There could be a risk that the defendant will not pay back the money. At $5,000 cash bail, the fee would likely be $500. Cash bail is refunded if the defendant makes all court appearances as required, but that future refund is of no help when the amount is too high to pay in the first place. With so many men and women living paycheck to paycheck, the ability to come up with thousands of dollars is far out of reach.

Staying in Contact

The bail bonds agency is likely to remain in contact with the customer or the defendant until the case is over. The agency and the customer have accepted the financial responsibility that goes hand-in-hand with bailing someone out of jail. If that person runs away, those who provided the bond automatically become liable for the full cash bail. The agency will probably make reminder calls before any scheduled court hearings, for example.

When the law collides with everyday life, people want to help their close friend or relative regain freedom as soon as possible. That can be done with the assistance of an organization such as A Absolute Bail Bonds when cash bail is set too high.