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Why Consult With an Auto Accident Attorney in Luzerne County PA?

When a serious auto accident occurs, serious legal help needs to be sought. Injured victims who suffer major injuries need to seek legal help so they will know the steps they need to take so they can receive fair compensation. Most injured victims could benefit from at least consulting with the Auto Accident Attorney in Luzerne County PA.

Reasons a Person Might Need an Attorney

There are many reasons an auto accident victim might need to seek help from an Auto Accident Attorney in Luzerne County PA. Understanding these reasons will help a person know when they need to contact an Auto Accident Attorney in Luzerne County PA. The following are the most common reasons injured victims seek help from an attorney.

 *     The insurance company has denied the claim.

 *     The insurance company is refusing to settle fairly.

 *     The other driver is not admitting guilt or is trying to blame the victim for the accident.

 *     The at-fault driver was not covered by liability insurance.

 *     The insurance adjuster is making unfair demands of the victim.

 *     The injured victim has become completely disabled or gone through surgery and hospital stays.

If any of the above are elements of a case, it behooves the victim to seek legal help. Meeting with an attorney is typically free for new clients and many attorneys offer contingency arrangements so victims are not forced to pay anything for the services rendered unless they win their claim.

Attorneys Help Get Bigger Settlements

Those who are represented by an attorney are typically able to receive a much higher settlement offer than those who do not. This is because of the aggressive negotiation skills attorneys have when working on behalf of their client.

The attorney will negotiate with the insurance adjuster or take the case to court if it is warranted. The state of Pennsylvania allows victims two years from the date of their auto accident to pursue a lawsuit so it is important victims do not wait.

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