Why Help Is Needed from a Hospital Negligence Lawyer in Pontiac, MI

by | Apr 26, 2017 | Lawyers

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Sadly, many people enter a hospital in an effort to improve their health or recover from an illness, only to develop a new problem that results from hospital negligence. In some cases, this may even result in the patient’s death. People often assume they can only sue the attending physician, yet a hospital may be held liable in certain situations if their employee is found to have been negligent.

In the past, nurses were typically the focus on these suits, yet today many hospitals employ doctors, referred to as hospitalists. They may also be held accountable, and the same is true of medical technicians and others. A person must determine which type of lawsuit should be filed and who should be included in the suit, however, and here is where a Hospital Negligence Lawyer in Pontiac MI becomes of great help.

First and foremost, it needs to be determined if the case is a medical malpractice case or one of basic negligence. If a doctor makes a mistake, experts will need to be called in to provide proof. In contrast, if a person is injured as a result of negligence, for example, an employee failing to put out a wet floor sign, then hospital negligence may be claimed. This type of lawsuit is easier to prove in most cases. There are situations, nevertheless, where a case could fall under either category, and the attorney may be of assistance here also.

An example of this would be a bed rail that was left down. Was this a matter of the guardrail not being properly installed or being defective in some way or was it a matter of an employee failing to return the bed rail to its proper position? The attorney can help determine which category this may fall under, as different courts might treat this matter in different ways.

If hospital negligence is suspected in any case, a Hospital Negligence Lawyer in Pontiac MI should be contacted immediately. He believes no person should suffer in silence when help is needed. He’s ready to provide this help and ensure his clients obtain the compensation they deserve.