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Why Hire an Attorney Who Specializes in Family Law in University Place?

It’s an unfortunate yet oft-cited fact that almost 50% of marriages in this country end in divorce. Those who are faced with this difficult decision have a whole host of concerns, but adequate legal representation should not be one of them. An attorney practicing family law in University Place can help his or her clients to deal with the sometimes complicated legal repercussions of ending a marriage, including drawing up paperwork, and resolving custody disputes.

A family law attorney will be able to provide valuable insight into legal options, including division of marital property, and filing for spousal and child support. Most divorces can be handled amicably with proper mediation, allowing clients to proceed with the divorce without the added stress of court hearings. Should this not be the case, those who have legal representation are more likely to receive their fair share of marital assets when the divorce goes through.

Any divorce, even one that is settled amicably between the two parties through mediation or other alternative dispute resolution measures, comes with more than its fair share of paperwork to be filed. An attorney will be able to help his or her clients to sort through their paperwork, leaving them with extra time and energy to devote to taking whatever steps are necessary to move on with their lives.

During this emotional time, it’s important to have access to objective advice. Those going through divorce proceedings are more likely than most to make rash decisions, particularly when it comes to solving issues pertaining to property division. Many find it tempting to wash their hands off the entire affair as quickly as possible. An attorney can help clients understand why this approach may or may not be in their best interests.

In addition to providing clients with legal advice and representation during difficult times such as divorce and legal separation, family law attorneys can also draw up documents necessary for estate planning, resolve paternity disputes, and help families with child adoption proceedings. Visit website for more information about the practice of family law in University Place, or to schedule a consultation with an attorney to learn more about what options are available.

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