Why It’s Beneficial to Use Wills Attorneys in St. Peters, Missouri

by | Aug 2, 2017 | Lawyers

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Although there are plenty of available templates people can use to draft their own wills, this isn’t always a good idea. Some people have more complicated needs (and may not even realize it), meaning they would benefit from the assistance of Wills Attorneys in St. Peters Missouri. Understanding the benefits of using an attorney may make the decision easier.

Mistakes Are Risky

While the actual legal requirements for what makes a valid will aren’t particularly complicated, one little mistake may be all it takes to invalidate the will. This could mean the wishes of the deceased may not be followed. Only those with extremely simple estates can successfully use most of the templates available to prepare wills, such as those who have very little property or savings and a very traditional family tree. Templates don’t deal with tax implications or the guardianship of children and don’t offer legal advice that could be helpful in an individual’s given situation.

Complicated Situations

Situations that make will preparation more complicated include having multiple marriages, having a loved one with special needs, owning a business, owning real estate in more than one state, having minor children, wanting to leave some of the estates to charity, or having lots of assets invested. Wills Attorneys in St. Peters Missouri are also important when there are very specific concerns about what should happen with certain belongings and assets once a person passes away.

Unexpected Situations

The problem with using a do-it-yourself kit is these kits don’t deal with unexpected situations or with changes that can occur after the original will is prepared. Using an attorney means there will be someone to help bring up potential complications a person may not otherwise consider so these contingencies can be dealt with. It also means there’s someone available to help keep everything up to date as the person’s situation changes (such as the case of a beneficiary dying before them, another child being born, or a divorce) or in case the law changes.

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