Why Should Injured Victims Hire a Ladder Accident Lawyer in Nassau County NY?

by | Oct 17, 2016 | Lawyers

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Ladders are one of the most common reasons for construction site accidents. There are many laborers who must use ladders on a regular basis for their job. Although these are a necessary part of some types of work, they can be very dangerous and cause injuries and death. According to information released by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, 43% of all fatal falls in the last ten years have been caused by ladders. When one is seriously injured by a ladder, through no fault of their own, they may need to consult with a Ladder Accident Lawyer Nassau County NY.

Most ladder accident lawyers offer contingency work. This means an injured victim will not have to pay any upfront fees. The lawyer represents their client throughout their case and is not paid unless they get a settlement for the victim. Contingency often allows victims peace of mind in knowing they will not lose out on any money, should their case not end with a fair outcome.

There are two main types of ladder injury scenarios:

  *      Construction workers and other laborers are injured in a ladder accident that occurs at the work site.

  *      Individuals are injured because of faulty ladders being used on their property or in the workplace.

The benefits of hiring a lawyer allow injured people to focus on their recovery process instead of worrying about their injury claim. Lawyers will immediately begin gathering evidence and reviewing case precedents to ensure they are armed with the evidence that will be needed to pursue the insurance company, the employer, the property owner, or the ladder manufacturer. In some cases, a victim may have the right to pursue more than one defendant.

A Ladder Accident Lawyer Nassau County NY can help with every aspect of the process. The lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company or the defendant being held responsible. If a fair settlement is not offered, the lawyer has the option of filing a complaint in court and allowing a judge and jury to decide who wins.

If you have been seriously injured in a ladder accident, practice your right to hire legal counsel. Contact the Law Office of Steven R. Smith to schedule an appointment. One can also Visit Online for further information.