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A Workers Comp Attorney in Ft. Pierce, FL Represents Clients With Work-Related Skin Disorders

A Workers Comp Attorney in Ft. Pierce, FL provides representation for clients who have developed a skin disease or other skin disorders due to workplace conditions. A lawyer may be necessary if the employer or the insurer that pays workers comp benefits disputes the claim. They may believe the employee developed this problem somewhere else and not at work.

Skin Reactions

Harmful chemicals can cause skin reactions, so employees should be provided with protective gear to prevent skin contact. Some individuals turn out to be sensitive or allergic to certain substances that touch their skin, resulting in an inflammatory response known as allergic or contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis is commonly called eczema.

Symptoms include blisters, an itchy rash, redness, swelling and inflammation. Not everyone needs to seek medical attention, but if the rash is spreading and becoming serious, the person should not delay. Rashes can become infected and can also develop into very serious skin problems.

The Prevalence of Occupational Skin Diseases

People may never connect skin disease and inflammation with workers compensation claims, but this actually is one of the most frequent reasons employees file a claim. More than 15 percent of reported occupational diseases are skin problems, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. A Workers Comp Attorney in Ft. Pierce, FL represents clients to make sure their medical bills and lost wages are covered.

Financial Considerations

Some cases of dermatitis are not severe enough to justify hiring a lawyer because the employee may only have needed one appointment with a doctor and may only have missed a week of work. The person may have to pay the doctor out of pocket if the health insurance deductible has not been met yet. Although this is a frustrating situation, a lawyer generally only accepts cases that involve higher medical expenses and more time away from work.

Employees should be able to return to work once the condition clears up, as long as they are able to wear gloves or other protective equipment while doing their job. In the meantime, a free consultation with a law firm such as Matheson & Horowitz can be scheduled if there is a claim dispute.