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Legal Factors That Underlie Your Ability to Get Child Support in Rockford

When you and the other parent to your children split up, you both have to contend with whom the minor children will live. The parent who does not get primary custody of the children will more than likely owe child support to the custodial mom or dad.

When you are the one who has been awarded custody, you have the right to pursue a fair amount of monthly maintenance from the other parent. By retaining the services of a child support lawyer in Rockford, IL, clients can find out what will influence their ability to get child support each month.

Percentage of Custody

As you will be told by your child support lawyer in Rockford, IL, courts will base the amount of child support that you get on the percentage of custody that you have been awarded. If you split custody evenly with the other parent, you will get less money each month than if you were to retain 70 or 80 percent of the children’s custody.

When you want to get as much support as possible, you need to petition the court for the bigger share of the custody of the children. Your ideal custody percentage should be at least 60 percent, if not more.


The amount of money that you and the other parent earn will also underline how much support you get each month. If the other parent makes less than you, he or she could only pay 30 percent of his or her income in child support payments.

Alternatively, if you earn less, the other parent could owe you enough to make up the children’s manner of living before your breakup. The custody payments must continue until the youngest child turns 18.

You can find out more about child support online. Contact the Crosby Law Firm.