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Acquiring Protection After Domestic Violence With Divorce Lawyers

In Rolling Meadows, domestic violence is a criminal infraction and warrants the need for protection. These criminal cases may apply in divorce proceedings if the petitioner provides adequate evidence of these events. Rolling Meadows divorce lawyers can help the victims achieve a divorce and freedom from their attacker.

Reporting Domestic Violence

The first step is to report domestic violence to the police. The victim needs to file a report to secure documented evidence of these events. The officers secure photographic evidence of their injuries and create a report for these events. This helps the petitioner prove their case in divorce proceedings and the urgency for protection from the state.

Acquiring a Protection Order

The attorney representing the victim offers assistance by filing a motion in court. The motion notifies the court of the need for protection. The judge reviews this requests and issues a protection order for the victim and their children. The order itemizes actions that are prohibited and used to prevent further injuries for the victim or their children. Any violation of the protection order is a criminal offense and penalties are assigned upon conviction.

The Divorce Grounds for These Occurrences

The state recognizes the ground of irretrievable breakdown only. However, the court will make adjustments when domestic violence is present. They may offer additional assistance such as relocation for the victim and their family if there are frequent violations of the court order. They extend the protection order when necessary.

How Do Violations Affect the Outcome of the Divorce?

Any criminal violations of the protection order could affect the outcome of the divorce. However, the victim identified in the protection order is the concern of the court. If the defendant didn’t attack their children, the court may provide visitation through supervision of the court.

In Rolling Meadows, the court may make adjustments when domestic violence is present in a divorce case. These adjustments provide protection for the victim. They also make changes in the divorce agreement if the attacker poses a serious risk to the victim and their children. Petitioners who are the victim of domestic violence should contact The Law Office of Fedor Kozlov, P.C. divorce lawyers for more information today.