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How to Determine If Your Case Falls Under Minnesota Lemon Law Guidelines

Buying a Lemon car is truly frustrating. This means that the vehicle purchased began experiencing serious mechanical problems needing professional car repair services to fix the situation at hand. Learn how to determine if your specific case falls under the current Minnesota Lemon Law guidelines.

What Provisions Do Lemon Laws Have for Car Consumers & Sellers?

While there are now dependable laws in many states that should cover car replacement or repair expenses to consumers that find out they purchased defective vehicles, typically called Lemons, there are limitations. In most cases, the original owner attempts to pass off their vehicle as something that it is not. When the naive car buyer finds out that their newly acquired car quickly shows signs of significant problems, breaks down or needs constant repairs, it is essential to know what provisions exist under Minnesota Lemon Laws.

Provisions Also Protect the Seller of a Problematic Car

Although developed mostly to protect the car consumer, the provisions under the Lemon Laws are designed to protect the seller of a problematic car as well. Some used car sellers truly are honest and didn’t know the vehicle had substantial hidden issues. Under Lemon Laws, there are usually rules that state the original owner must be given the opportunity to fix the situation first.

Could Your Car Problems Be Covered Under Lemon Laws Too?

The only way to know for sure is to get legal counsel. Visit Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law CenterĀ® for legal help.