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After a Conviction, Should You Visit an Appellate Lawyer in Columbus, IN?

After a conviction, there are different ways to handle the case and avoid a criminal record. While these won’t work for every case, they’re worth considering. One is to try to have the conviction expunged. Another, however, is to appeal the conviction. To do this, the convicted person needs to speak with an Appellate Lawyer in Columbus IN right away.

What Does an Appellate Lawyer Do?

An appellate lawyer is a type of lawyer that handles appeals. Appeals occured when something was not done properly during the original trial. The appellate lawyer creates a brief that explains the case and why the conviction was not correct. This is reviewed by a judge and can be approved, denied, or taken to court and presented to the judge, who can review the case further before approving or denying the appeal.

Can an Appellate Lawyer Reverse a Conviction?

It is possible for an appeal to reverse a conviction. This does not necessarily mean the person cannot still be convicted of the crime, and it does not mean the person’s record will be expunged. However, it does mean that the conviction from the original trial is no longer valid and the person may have the right to have the case tried again.

What Does a Successful Appeal Mean?

Successful appeals generally mean the original case can be tried again. It doesn’t mean the person is not guilty of the crime or that the entire issue disappears. Instead, there will typically be instructions given to the courts on how to retry the case to avoid the issues that led to the appeal. An appellate lawyer can explain exactly what the appeal means for their client and what the outcome of a new case might be.

If you’ve been convicted of a crime and believe your trial was unfair, you may want to schedule a consultation with an Appellate Lawyer in Columbus IN to find out if appealing the case is possible. Be sure to visit the website for Alcorn Sage Schwartz & Magrath LLP now to learn more or to set up a consultation with an appellate lawyer.