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Conditions Used To Secure Disability Benefits Through A Veterans Affairs Attorney In Melbourne, FL

In Florida, Veterans Affairs manages disability claims for veterans of foreign wars. They provide access to doctors to verifying mental or physical conditions that establish eligibility. They also provide ongoing care for veterans who achieve disabled status. A Veterans Affairs Attorney in Melbourne FL provides legal assistance for any service member who was denied benefits.

The Symptoms of PTSD

*      Triggers of the Traumatic Event. For veterans, these symptoms occur when vehicles backfire, when they hear a weapon discharge, or during explosions. Veterans who were the victims of rape are triggered by visualizations of sexual assault. These triggers include movies, news broadcasts, or sexual brutality online.

*      Avoidance. The sufferer avoids any occurrence that reminds them of the event. For example, a soldier avoids fireworks displays if they were involved in an explosion. Rape victims avoid places such as nightclubs in which rapes occur most often.

*      Alexithymia. Veterans with PTSD exhibit an inability to express emotion. This clinical diagnosis leads to a lack of interest in relationships. The sufferer refrains from participating in activities they once loved. This condition leads to blocking portions of the traumatic event mentally and a refusal to discuss it with a doctor.

*      Increased Emotional Arousal. They exhibit uncontrollable moods, which leads to anger and irritability quickly. They suffer from insomnia, a lack of concentration, and paranoia. They startle easily and react accordingly.

Symptoms of a Traumatic Brain Injury

*      Mental Symptoms Displayed. Memory loss, an inability to concentrate, sudden mood changes, and depression are mental signs of this condition.

*      Sensory-Based Issues. The veteran suffers from tinnitus, olfactory issues, sensitivity to noise and light, and experience a foul taste.

*      Physical Conditions Associated with the Condition. The veteran experiences loss of consciousness or disorientation, frequent headaches, nausea, fatigue, and sleep difficulties.

What is TDIU?

The Total Disability Individual Unemployability rating identifies a condition that prevents the veteran from working anywhere. The government assigns this status when the veteran was injured during active duty and medically discharged. PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, and severe physical or mental disabilities warrant this assignment.

In Florida, Veteran Affairs determine the rate at which veterans receive benefits. They conduct assessments based on military records received from the service member’s branch. Service men and women who were denied benefits hire a Veterans Affairs Attorney in Melbourne FL by contacting Matheson, Horowitz & Devonmille today.