Considering How Long to Wait for a Larger Settlement to Be Negotiated by a Personal Injury Attorney in Green Bay WI

by | Aug 19, 2019 | Lawyers

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When an insurance company is not offering reasonable compensation after a victim has been injured due to another person’s careless actions, hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Green Bay WI may make a fast difference. Insurance companies know that lawyers will file suit and bring cases to court if necessary, whereas an individual is very unlikely to do so.

Mediation Sessions

Even after a Personal Injury Attorney in Green Bay WI files a lawsuit, these cases are nearly always resolved before trial. The lawyers may set up mediation sessions with an impartial mediator if they are truly at a stalemate. The mediator helps guide the participants to a compromise or helps each side to see the value of accepting the other’s position.

Maximum Medical Improvement

Ideally, the injured person reaches maximum medical improvement before accepting a settlement. The money from the insurer is supposed to cover all expenses connected with the incident. Not everyone can wait this long for compensation, however, if MMI might take years. The attorney uses medical documentation and statements from physicians to devise a lump sum total that includes separate factors. Those factors include all medical bills, lost wages, physical therapy, and any other relevant costs.

The Importance of Faster Compensation

An attorney typically wants to obtain as much compensation for clients as possible, no matter how long it takes. The lawyer will agree to the client’s preferring a different approach, however, if it is important to receive money sooner without the long wait or any extra hassles. Someone who hasn’t been able to work for several months may be having serious financial struggles. Without money from the insurer, the injured person may be facing vehicle repossession, eviction from an apartment, or foreclosure.

Free Consultations

Free consultations with an organization such as Brabazon Law Office LLC may be done by phone or at the office, or an attorney may travel to meet with the client elsewhere if injuries prevent the injured person from leaving the hospital or a convalescent care center. There is no need to wait to have a consultation even if the person is not yet sure about hiring legal representation.