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Got a Ticket? Contact a Ticket Attorney in Hillsboro MO

Traffic tickets often cost more than just what meets the eye. When the ticket is paid without fighting it, the driver faces the fines for the ticket as well as points on their driver’s license that can lead to increase insurance costs and, when sufficient points accumulate, the loss of their driver’s license. Instead of simply paying the ticket, drivers can contact a Ticket Attorney in Hillsboro MO for help.

Reduce Fines Before Paying Ticket

Traffic tickets can range from a nominal fee for minor infractions to major fines for more serious infractions. Those who are given a ticket do not need to plead guilty to the offense and pay the fine in full. Instead, no matter the size of the ticket, it’s possible to fight the charges and work to have the ticket dismissed. If the ticket cannot be dismissed, it’s still likely that the ticket can be reduced with the help of an attorney.

Keep Points off Driver’s License

Points are automatically added to a driver’s license when they pay the ticket. The number of points varies based on the infraction the driver is accused of committing. If the driver receives multiple tickets in a year, it’s possible to accumulate sufficient points that they lose their license for a period of time. When the driver works with an attorney, even if they end up paying the fine, they may be able to avoid having points added to their license.

Avoid Increase Insurance Costs

Just getting a ticket can lead to increased insurance costs because the insurance companies can see the paid ticket as well as the points added to the driver’s license. It may be possible to avoid higher insurance by fighting the ticket and having it dismissed or reduced. The insurance might rise with a reduced fine, but it won’t go up as much.

If you’ve received a ticket, make sure you understand all of your options and what can happen if you fight the ticket in court. Talk to a Ticket Attorney in Hillsboro MO now to learn more about what they can do or visit Wegmann Law Firm to get more information on working with an attorney to fight traffic tickets.