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Don’t Put Up with Sexual Harassment!

California state law is very clear when it comes to how an employee is treated in the workplace. One serious aspect of workplace law deals with sexual harassment. No one should be treated differently and promised benefits based on sex or the requirement of sexual favor. Unwanted touching or attention of a sexual or flirtatious manor is also considered to be sexual harassment. If you are being subjected to these practices no matter your gender, you should speak with a sexual harassment attorney in Los Angeles.

A Workplace Should be Professional

You shouldn’t have to be stressed about going into work with the fear that your boss will touch you in an inappropriate way. Worried that you will have to weakly smile as you are forced to endure lewd language or flirting that is completely unfitting in a professional work environment. Your boss isn’t legally allowed to treat you any differently from every other employee based on your sex or how attractive they find you. It is against state law and they need to be forced to face the consequences of their actions. Failure to report sexual harassment just goes to further reinforce the behavior in the employer’s mind as they get away with it. There is no incentive for them to stop if no one ever reports their illegal actions. It can also result in your fellow co-workers being subjected to the same sexual harassment.

Get the Help You Need, to get Treated How You Deserve

The Law Offices of Jual F. Reyes deals with sexual harassment lawsuits as a profession and they have a genuine passion when it comes to fighting for their client’s rights. They have made it their career to make sure that everyone can go to work free of the threat of molestation. Visit their website today and you can seek the legal help that you need.

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