Filing A Claim With A Defective Machinery Injuries Lawyer In Jacksonville, IL

by | Nov 12, 2019 | Lawyers

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In Illinois, defective machinery and equipment present a serious hazard in the workplace. OSHA regulations require employers to follow stringent maintenance protocol for the machinery to reduce potential risks. If the machines are in a high-voltage environment, an arc flash is probable. An arc flash is strong enough to kill a worker in a matter of seconds. A Defective Machinery Injuries Lawyer in Jacksonville IL represents victims and their families in personal injury cases.

Pinpointing the Default in the Product

The first and most obvious probability is that the machinery had a flaw in its design. When investigating the worker’s injury, it is vital for the employer to have the machine evaluated. If the manufacturer didn’t disclose a flaw or provide warning, the manufacturer is liable for the worker’s injuries.

Reviewing the Servicing Log

All employers must keep servicing logs for all machinery used inside their property. All equipment must be tested for hazards and repaired as needed. Employers should never allow workers to take any machinery that is dangerous or presents a risk of an arc flash.

Examining the Severity of the Worker’s Injuries

The severity of the worker’s injuries defines how profound of a case they have. When worker’s compensation benefits are denied, the workers seek compensation through a legal claim. The extent of their injuries determines if the worker is able to work again. If the injuries created a disability, the worker has lost their livelihood and could seek more extensive damages in a legal claim.

The Projected Outcome

If the worker wins their case, the defendant must provide the worker with compensation for their injuries and medical costs. If the employer was at fault, the worker could also seek tort-based damages due to the employer’s failure to maintain a safe work environment.

In Illinois, defective machinery claims are based on several variables. First, the manufacturer is the initial culprit for the legal claim. However, if a flaw didn’t exist, the employer’s servicing log is evaluated. Victims of defective machine accidents contact a Defective Machinery Injuries Lawyer in Jacksonville IL through Becker Schroader & Chapman PC for an appointment or visit the website right now.