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If You Need a Slip And Fall Accident Lawyer in Norwich, CT

An elderly man was in a grocery store on the frozen food aisle when he slipped on a frozen package that had apparently fallen on the floor. He fractured his hip, had to have a lot of medical treatment done, and the grocery store owner refused to pay for the treatment. The elderly man need not worry, though, because he can file a personal injury lawsuit against the grocery store. A Slip And Fall Accident Lawyer in Norwich, CT comes to the aid of clients such as this elderly gentleman, helping them to recover compensation for their injuries.

Things to Consider about the Personal Injury Lawsuit

In Connecticut, if a person is going to file a personal injury lawsuit, it must be done within two years of the date of the accident and injury in a civil court. If the person fails to file the lawsuit in this time period, it is unlikely that the personal injury lawsuit will be heard in court, unless there is an excellent reason. The person will also forfeit the opportunity to be awarded damages for any injuries sustained.

More Things to Consider about the Personal Injury Lawsuit

Since the grocery store owner does not feel responsible for the elderly man’s fall, it is likely that a comparative fault rule may be applied in the case. This means that if the elderly man is found partly responsible for the injury that he sustained, any percentage assigned to him will be reduced from any damages awarded. However, if the elderly man is found to be 50 percent or more at fault for what happened, no damages will be awarded in the case. This is something that all clients want to avoid.

A Personal Injury Lawyer for A Lawsuit

Many lawyers and law firms are available for parties who have been injured through no fault of their own. Stephen M. Reck is an attorney who practices personal injury law for clients who live in Connecticut. If a person needs a slip and fall accident lawyer in Norwich, CT, the attorney is available. More information can be found by visiting the website.