Finding a Dog Bite Lawyer in New London, CT

by | Aug 23, 2016 | Lawyers

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Sometimes people want to go outside and they feel like strolling around their neighborhood or town. Unfortunately, sometimes they have to tend with dogs that want to interrupt their plans and, in worst-case scenarios, they get bitten by it.

When someone suffers a dog bite, they should obviously first seek medical attention, but immediately after that, they need to find a dog bite lawyer in New London, CT to discuss their situation. Even though dogs are commonly known as man’s best friend, the fact of the matter is that every year thousands of people are victim of dog bites. In many of these instances, a person bitten by a dog may have a legal right to seek damages from the dog’s owner or any other responsible party involved.

What dog bite victims should do after getting medical attention is to try to remember all of the details pertaining to what happened. The circumstances, time and location are most helpful, as would be getting the name, phone number, and address of the dog’s owner. If the owner is not available, try to find any witnesses or neighbors that may be able to provide you with that information. If there were witnesses, get their contact information as well. If there were not any witnesses, most towns and cities have animal control officers who should be able to determine who owns the dog, assuming the animal is properly licensed. All of this information can be extremely helpful to lawyers who have handled dog bites, such as Stephen M. Reck. Visit the website to learn more.

If someone does need a dog bite lawyer in New London, CT, they need to discuss with that attorney just how much experience they have had with animal bites, and if they are knowledgeable about strict liabilities pertaining to animals as well as how much experience they have with recovering damages resulting from those bites. This would include lost wages, pain and suffering, and any out-of-pocket medical expenses. Visit the website for more information.