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When to Contact Injury Lawyers in Reno, NV

Personal injury lawyers are able to handle claims that result from many different kinds of accidents or injuries. While it is important to look for an attorney that has prior experience handling personal injury cases, there are many instances and types of accidents that lead to these claims, and no lawyer will have seen a case just like yours.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are likely the most common type of claim handled by injury lawyers in Reno, NV. Every day there are accidents caused by bad driving, lack of attention or focus on the road, or poor road conditions. If you did not cause the accident, then recovery from the responsible party is likely. As well, it is possible to recover more than just the cost of medical bills when injured in a car accident. Lost wages from time off work and emotional damage are also valid claims.

Injuries at Work

In many situations, the best course for financial recovery from a workplace injury is a worker’s compensation claim against the company. Businesses should carry an insurance policy that covers the costs of these claims, and an employee should be able to recover money through this system. However, in some instances, it might be beneficial to also contact personal injury lawyers to file an additional claim. These situations include when a machine or product was defective, if the act that caused the injury was intentional, or if an employer failed to carry worker’s compensation insurance.

Other Claims

There are many other instances where it is appropriate to contact injury lawyers in regards to a personal injury claim. These situations range from medical malpractice and dental injuries to injuries caused by a specific product or consumer good. Just as common are cases resulting from dog bites and slip and fall accidents. Regardless of where or how the injury occurs, it is worthwhile to speak with a lawyer before disregarding it as an appropriate claim. Click here for complete details.