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Getting Social Security in New York

Getting Social Security in New York may not be as easy as you think! There are some sobering facts that are associated with the Social Security disability process that can really make your head swim if this is where you plan on getting your income while you are unable to work.

Here are some stats from the SSA:

* Number of applicants for 2015 2,412,267
* Number of applicants that received awards (got their cases approved) 775,739
* Number of people that LOST benefits that same year 817,045

So of the over 2 million people that applied for social security less than 50% were able to get their cases approved. These numbers indicate that the SSA is far more likely to deny your case and kick you off the program then they are to approve your case.

Many people think that the process is simply handing in an application with a few doctors’ letters to substantiate their claim and getting the award. The reality is either there are literally millions of people that are doing something wrong or the process is not quite as simplified as it seems at first glance. It really puts things into perspective when you realize that your application is likely one of a million applications.

Improve Your Odds

There is a good chance that of the 775,739 cases that were approved a large percentage of those people had some help. Many of the successfully filed cases in SSA come through with the assistance of an attorney. An experienced attorney can help you to file a successful application that makes it into the minority of approved cases. Having the right help can really change the outcome of your application. Law Office of Attorney Daniel Berger at Law can help you to become a part of the minority.