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Get Help Navigating Your Options With a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Valley Stream NY

An arrest does not necessarily lead to a trial and then jail time or other penalties. In fact, today, the defendant has different options they can look into after their arrest to try to get a better outcome so the arrest doesn’t impact their future as much. Before they start looking into their options, they’re going to want to contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer Valley Stream NY that can help them.

Go Through Trial and Work Toward Not Guilty

The main option everyone is familiar with is to plead not guilty and go through a trial. The length of time this takes and the potential outcome will depend on the charges and the facts of the case, so this is different for everyone. A Criminal Defense Lawyer in Valley Stream NY can help with creating a defense to minimize the chance of a guilty verdict.

Plead Guilty and Request a Lighter Sentence

If the person is sure they will be convicted based on the evidence, they may want to plead guilty and ask the judge for a lighter sentence. While there’s no guarantee the judge will be lenient, this is a possibility they should consider if a conviction is almost guaranteed.

Accept a Plea Bargain for a Lighter Sentence

Plea bargains are not offered to all defendants, but they may be a way for the arrested person to avoid jail time or to be convicted of a misdemeanor instead of a felony. This could make a difference in the impact the conviction would have on their future.

Get a Deferment to Avoid a Conviction

In some cases, it’s possible to defer the conviction while the arrested person works through rehab or similar classes. If they complete the deferment, they do not have a conviction on their record, but if they do not complete it they may need to plead guilty to the charges so there is a risk when this is available.

If you’ve been arrested, a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Valley Stream NY can let you know what outcomes are possible in your case and help you determine which one may be right for your situation. Criminal defense lawyers like Simon & Milner allow you to visit online to learn more about how they can help or contact them for advice specific to your case today.