Reviewing Stipulations With A Pedestrian Accident Attorney In Bellingham, WA

by | Apr 17, 2019 | Lawyers

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In Washington, pedestrian laws define when a victim has a claim against a driver in an accident. The laws determine which party is at fault after the evidence is reviewed. In the cases, pedestrians and automobile drivers must follow traffic laws or criminal penalties and civil lawsuits are possible. Reviewing stipulations with a Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Bellingham WA shows victims when they have a case and what evidence is needed.

Understanding the Right of Way

All pedestrians need to know traffic laws that apply to them. For instance, pedestrians need to understand laws pertaining to the right of way. Laws prevent pedestrians from crossing busy highways unless a crosswalk is present.

Using Crosswalks Appropriately

Crosswalks offer pedestrians a safe space to cross roadways. In some cities, the installations provide signals that indicate when it is safe to cross the road. If an accident occurs, the officers ask whether or not the pedestrian obeyed the traffic laws. Crossing illegally introduces comparative fault rulings in an accident case and reduces the monetary award based on the percentage of fault.

Hit and Run Accident

Hit and run accidents are often the cause of a pedestrian accident. Victims of the accidents face difficulties identifying the driver of the vehicle. Attorneys file a motion to get traffic camera footage whenever possible. The footage shows the accident if it occurred near the camera. If the driver is in the video, the victim has evidence and may have a more viable claim against the at-fault driver.

Are Pedestrian Accidents Linked to Premises Liabilities?

Typically, the driver of the automobile carries the liability of the accident. However, if conditions in a parking lot cause an auto accident involving a pedestrian, premises liabilities are possible. Surveillance footage from the property’s security cameras shows how the accident happened and which party is at fault.

In Washington, pedestrians follow traffic laws just like any driver on the road. Unfortunately, pedestrians don’t obey the traffic laws all the time. After an accident, it is paramount to discover which party holds the liability and if victims played a role in the accident.