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Has Someone Sold You a Lemon of a Car?

If someone has recently sold you a lemon of a car, don’t give up before you know all of your legal options. Many states have enacted legislation just for this type of situation. It seems that many unscrupulous individuals are not fully honest about the condition of their vehicles that they have put on the market. As a result, an unsuspecting used car buyer could be taken to the cleaners faster than they could ever think it. These laws that have been passed fall under the category of lemon laws. Learn more details regarding Wisconsin lemon law by contacting an attorney who handles these sorts of legal cases.

The basic premises of this new law is to protect the buyer and enable them a means to either get a refund, have their car repairs paid for or are otherwise compensated for their time and effort in dealing with a damaged vehicle. The Wisconsin lemon law regulations spell out specific steps that each car buyer must diligently follow to qualify for some sort of compensation settlement. While it can be difficult for the everyday citizen to have the resources in order to check their car’s background information, a credible attorney does.

An attorney will review your case to determine if you are now qualified or could qualify at some time in the near future. There are narrow regulations that everyone involved must follow. The law allows the previous car owner to try and resolve the current issue. There are additional time constraints that dictates a person’s eligibility status. If your car has broken down or has been practically living in the garage, it might be a good time to check out all of your Wisconsin lemon law rights. Contact Lemon Law America to discuss the details of your case via website