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A Car Accident Injury Attorney in Athens TN Helps Clients Who Need Extra Compensation for Better Treatment

A Car Accident Injury Attorney in Athens TN represents clients who are experiencing problems with obtaining a reasonable settlement from the insurance company that should be liable for the payment. The insurer may be offering an amount that is too low for the injured person to obtain the desired medical care or to pay for all lost income during recovery.

Dealing With a Co-Pay Amount

People who have been injured in an accident want to be sure they can pay for all their medical expenses. To receive the best treatment, they may need to see a doctor outside of their health insurance network. This requires a higher co-pay amount, which can make the appointments unaffordable without a settlement negotiated by a Car Accident Injury Attorney in Athens TN. The settlement should allow them to bypass their health insurance for the most part and use money provided by the automotive insurer.

Health insurance providers have some say in which doctors their policyholders see by creating networks and providing financial incentives. Automotive insurance companies are not supposed to make these distinctions, although the claims adjusters may dispute prices for medical appointments that they decide are not customary or reasonable. Lawyers from a firm such as Chancey-Kanavos negotiate with the insurers to come to an agreement that is satisfactory for the client.

Specialists and Alternative Practitioners

The person may want to see a specialist who is recognized as one of the best in a particular field of medicine. Another point of contention sometimes arises when the patient wants to seek alternative care and have the insurance settlement pay for that. The insurance company may refuse to pay any amount for chiropractic treatment, for example, even if the problem being experienced is neck or back pain. Whiplash is extremely common after rear-end collisions, and many people find relief with chiropractic therapy.

Recovering from a car accident can be a long and difficult process. Having to worry about money adds to the stress and anxiety, and so does try to negotiate with an uncooperative insurance company. Anyone who needs legal help in this kind of situation may Click here.