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Having Difficulty Understanding Social Security Law, Get Help in Missouri

Social Security law is that which defines who will qualify for SSDI and SSI benefits and how much money they will receive monthly. Social Security is a Federal Government program, as such; Missouri state and local laws do not apply.

SSDI, Social Security disability insurance is intended for adults who become disabled, and the disability will last at least one year. To get the benefits, the claimant must have worked long enough, paid into the system, and not yet reached retirement age. SSI serves an altogether different purpose. This program addresses those people who have little or no income and do not have to have contributed.

Requirements for Disability Benefits

Although they are different, the requirements for SSDI and SSI are strict. To be considered for SSDI, the claimant must have accrued sufficient work credits before becoming disabled. These credits are based on income. Currently, it takes $1,160 in income to earn one credit. A maximum of four credits can be earned per year. To be eligible for disability benefits, the claimant must have at least 40 credits, 20 of which must have been earned in the ten years preceding the disability claim.

SSI is based on income, not work credits. Anyone that has an income below the Federal Benefit Rate is eligible. The current FBR is $750 for a single person, $1,125 for a married couple. SSI is also available to those over 65 years of age and those that are legally blind.

There Are Advantages of Hiring a Lawyer

Like all laws, Social Security law is complex. Although there is no necessity to hire a lawyer to help you make your claim in Missouri, you are well advised to do so. If your claim is denied, and most are, your chances of success are far better when you are represented by a knowledgeable Social Security lawyer.

Social Security law is very complex. If you have been denied disability benefits, contact the Grundy Disability Group LLC in Missouri. For further information and a free consultation, visit Like us on our facebook page.

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